Having problems with your dentures? We've got the solution.

If you’re in Marlborough and are in need of new dentures, denture repairs, maintenance or help with your old dentures then call our clinic today. Our internationally experienced professionals are more than happy to help you enhance your smile
 and keep your teeth looking good and fitting well.

Why We’re Marlborough’s Favourite Dental Specialists

Our friendly specialists can design, construct and fit individually hand crafted dentures. Our dental professionals have a wealth of experience and skills, plus we invest in quality materials and technology. At Ortho-Dent, we make the experience pleasant and exciting, providing you with the best possible solutions. 
View of the Ortho-Dent Denture Clinic

Our Team

Yvonne and Ian own and have operated Ortho-Dent Denture Clinic Ltd since 1998. We are highly regarded dental practitioners, dedicated to help you maintain or restore your smile and boost your confidence. We offer practical denture solutions for everyone. 
We regularly attend national and international training seminars and our staff have been educated in New Zealand and Europe.

Our Mission

Our mission at Ortho-Dent is to provide you with the most comfortable, functional, aesthetic and natural looking dentures. We enjoy making you smile and take pride in every pair of dentures we fit or repair. We measure our success by your satisfaction, and look forward to discussing your denture requirements soon.
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